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Rock Climbing: May 2009

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial day weekend in Squamish

I've been out to Smith and Vantage a few times, but didn't really push myself on lead and didn't take many pictures, so there wasn't much to document.

The weather in Squamish over memorial day weekend was fantastic so Adrianne and I headed up there.

Adrianne led the following routes:
Fern Gully, 5.4
Laughing Crack, 5.7
Cat Crack, 5.6
Davy Jone, 5.7
Klahanie Crack, 5.7

I led the following routes:
Rampage, 5.8
Corner Crack, 5.8
Sally Five Fingers, 5.8
1000 Pardons, 5.8
Cold Comfort 5.9
Mosquito, 5.8
Phlegmish Dance, 5.8
Mushroom, 5.9

We set up top ropes on a couple 10s (both of which I hope to get on lead this summer):
SM Delight, 5.10b
Jabberwocky, 5.10a